Update on Northwest Voyageurs 2020 Events

The Northwest Voyageurs is cautiously opening up some club trips however we will be only accepting renewal memberships for the 2020 season.  We ask that anyone interesting in joining the club for the first time wait until 2021.  This was a very difficult decision for the club executive but out of an abundance of caution it was felt it was the prudent choice to ensure the safety of new and returning members to the club. The tentative trip schedule is available on the Trips menu item.

We apologize for the disappointment this may cause and we hope to see you next year.


Here you find history of the trips the Northwest Voyageurs have run over the past few years.

NWV 2019 Trip Schedule


NWV 2018 Trip Schedule


NWV 2017 Trip Schedule


NWV 2015 Trip Schedule


NWV 2013 Trip Schedule


NWV 2012 Trip Schedule


NWV 2011 Trip Schedule


NWV 2010 Trip Schedule



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