There are literally tens of thousands of videos on the internet about paddling skills, history and theory.  This is a collection of some of our favorites.


Basic Strokes
Getting Ready Paddle Skills Safety Skills Information
Transporting Kayaks - Ken Whiting

Forward Stroke - Gordon Brown

Forward Stroke - Ken Whiting

Wet Exit - Ken Whiting Sea Kayaking with Gordon Brown
Carrying a Kayak - Ken Whiting Reverse Stroke - Ken Whiting Low Brace - Ken Whiting Animated Kayak Instruction
Dressing for Paddling - Ken Whiting  Forward and Reverse Sweep - Ken Whiting

Assisted Re-entry - Ken Whiting Part I

Assisted Re-entry - Ken Whiting Part II

Assisted Re-entry Gordon Brown


Entering a Kayak From the Side - Mike Aronoff

Entering a Kayak Straddle - SeaKayakingScotland

Draw Strokes - Ken Whiting

Solo Re-entry (paddle float) - Gordon Brown

Solo Re-entry (heel hook with paddle float) - Jeremy Vore

Solo Re-entry (paddle float with stirrup) - Randy Kruger

Solo Re-entry - (scramble) - James Roberts

Solo Re-entry - (paddle float re-entry and roll) - Gordon Brown

Traditional Kayaks
Sitting in a Kayak - Gordon Brown Edge Control - Gordon Brown Sea Kayaking Navigation - John Dowd PaddlingTV YouTube Channel
Kayak Maintenance - Ken Whiting

North Sea Kayaks - Advanced Manoeuvers

Tom Nickels YouTube Channel

Sea Kayaking Weather - John Dowd  

Kayaking on Rivers - Paddling for Beginners - Ken Whiting


Secondary Strokes

Low Brace Turn (Inside Edge) - Brian Pettinger

Low Brace Turn (Outside Edge) - Leon Somme and Shawna Franklin

High Brace Turn - Ken Whiting

Bow Rudder - Tom Nickels

Stern Rudder - Tom Nickels

Cross Bow Rudder - Dimitri Vandepoele

Hanging Draw (Side Slip) - Tom Nickels


Getting Ready Paddle Skills Safety Skills Information
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