North Saskatchewan River - 50th Street to Fort Saskatchewan

50th Street Boat Launch


Trip Type:

Moving Water, Day Trip 

Detailed Trip Rating:

Grade B Click here for details on Trip Grade and Skills

Experience Level:

Comfortable Beginner

Water Class:

 Class I

Trip Description:

 A 28 km trip from Edmonton to Fort Saskatchewan. Expect 4-5 hours of paddling depending on wind conditions.

Suitable Boats

(see notes)

Open Canoe - Yes

Covered Canoe - Yes

Touring Kayak - Yes

Rec Kayak - With Trip Coordinator Approval

Whitewater Kayak – No

Meeting Point:

  50th Street Boat Launch

Trip Coordinator:

 Paul Bird

 Call: (780) 433 -5250


Please contact the Trip Coordinator no later than the Wednesday before the trip is schedule to start. Some trips may have space limitations or require early booking. Contact the Trip Coordinator.

Trips are open to all current Northwest Voyageurs Canoe and Kayak Club members.

You must provide your own boat or have prearranged a rental from the club to participate in the trip.

Touring Kayak - Typically 12 feet long or more and 24" wide or less, with front and rear water tight compartments for flotation and storage, defined keel

Rec Kayak - Typically less than 12 feet long, often greater than 24" wide, with one or no water tight compartments, may or may not have a keel

Whitewater Kayak - Typically less than 10', no watertight compartments, no keel